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March Against Monsanto

On May 25th, 2013, people around the world protested against Monsanto. Here are some of my photos from the New York City march.

I arrived at Union Square at noon on a misty, cloudy day to find about 100 people waiting for the march to start at 1:00. But people kept arriving till there were 2,400 there when the march started. (As the march went around Union Square I passed a marcher counting each person as they went by. Later, at Washington Square Park where the march ended, he told me he counted 2,400.)





It's nice to see all the young Guys showing up.


Here's a video of most of the march passing by, just to give you a sense of how large it was.

As usual, there was almost no media coverage. I see now that the media only reports on what they want you to know. Don't trust them. 



More photos from the march on Facebook.


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