The Story So Far...

There's 2 weeks of my photo show left, and I'm just acting on the realization that I need to put my name up with the show title. Right now the only place my name is is on the postcards and the artists statement by the visitor comment book.

Here's some photos of the installation. (I had my camera at the reception, but I was talking so much I forgot to take any pictures.)




The Interactive Wall has been very successful. The photos are held by 15 Bulldog Clips screwed to the wall. The instructions say "Hey Kids! I need your help. The photos below need to be sorted. The BEST pictures go on the left side. The VERY BEST goes on the top left. Please rearrange them for me. Thanks."

Everyone was reluctant to touch the photos at first, but it quickly caught on. I've been adding 2 or 3 new photos every day, removing the ones that stay near the bottom right.

The reception was fun. There's nothing like two hours of compliments.

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Photo Show Reception: Monday October 25th, 4pm to 7pm

Here's my last minute addition to the photo show slide shows. They're from college homecoming, October 1971.












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It's Showtime! (so why are the framed prints still in my living room?)

I'm ready to go. Pat will drive in so I can get the framed photographs to the school without having to deal with parking. (Thanks Pat.) All the pictures should be up by 10 am. (Don't ask me about labels and signs.)


I got the TV and iMacs setup on Saturday. I put up a 'Years and Years of Photographs' sign. I screwed the Bulldog clips to the wall for the viewer arranged images. It will be ready tomorrow. (with fine tuning here and there.)

I'm very happy with the show.

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Five Days Till Showtime



The photos are at the framer. He'll have them for me on Saturday, but probably not in time to get them to the school. The photos will get hung on Monday. ( Eighteen mostly black and white images, about four too many to fit the space available, but this will give me options.) 


I have a ride in to school Saturday, since the 50" plasma TV won't fit in my car.  (Thanks Traci) The TV is for a slide show of the many kinds of photographs I've taken. Landscapes, portraits, events, snapshots, etc.  The TV has a USB slot, so I can insert a thumb drive with photos and the TV does a wonderful job displaying the images. It's nice to see the photos large. While some photos are good, or even better, small, many of these images are much more interesting large. They capture whole environments of detail, and this detail gets lost when the image is small. Seeing the images this large reminds me of why I took the photo in the first place. 


There will also be two iMacs with slide shows. One showing Spence photos I've taken over the years, and one showing more recent digital photographs. (Or I might mix them all together, it all depends on how many images I have ready by Monday.) 


I can also setup the Viewer Interaction Wall.

The Viewer Interaction Wall will have 20 to 25 photos that are to be rearranged as the viewer sees fit, favorite image in the upper left corner, least favorite in the bottom right corner. The in-between images should be adjusted similarly. The photo that stays in the upper left the most for a week will be moved to a place of honor. (Said place of honor to be determined.) Next week a new set of images will be available for re-arrangement. Repeat weekly till show over.  

I need to find a good clip that I can screw to the wall, and will make it easy for viewers to release and re-clip the photos. Note to self: Stop at Staples.
How do I educate the viewers that I want them to rearrange the photographs on the Interaction Wall

I pick up the postcards this morning. (I hope they come out OK.)

Here's one image that might or might not make it into the show. ( I wasn't going to frame it, but the print has a depth to it that made it stand really stand out.)

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So Little Time, So Much To Do....


It's like I'm back in high school or college. The bigger my personal investment in a project, the harder it is for me to get going with it, the more I procrastinate until the last minute. And guess what? It's last minute: 9 days till show time 

This morning I sketched out how I imagine using the gallery space, and that has really helped me identify what it is I need to get done, which images I need to settle on, and how many I'll need.

Here's the sketch:

It's not like I haven't been busy.

I bought the 50" Plasma TV a few weeks ago, so I could burn it in and learn the ins and outs of it's built in slide show options. It works great. The scanned photos look nice that big. Some just work better that large. (Even at this size (1080p), we only see 25% of the photos true resolution because of display limitations.) But boy do all the imperfections in the negative pop out. Most of my time spent setting up the slide show of the scanned images is spent spotting spots. The Billy the Kid images was in such bad shape it took me 8 hours to clean up the spots.  

I've borrowed two iMacs from the school for two more slide shows, one of school photos, plays, sports, etc, and one for my newer digital images. 

Everything is setup for the reception on October 25th from 4:00 till 7:00pm.

The show cards are at the printers. Here's the front and back proofs they sent me. They'll be done Tuesday or Wednesday. Give me your address is you want one or both. (see Contact  in the contents.)

As you can see from the Checklist on the show layout, I've got 5 of the 10 images I need all done. (There's about 9 images vying for the last 5 spots.) Now I've got what's left of this 3 day weekend to get all the prints printed and delivered to Dominic, the framer, who can't start on them till the 13th. 

And I'm off. There's no time to waste. (Stop trying to make this post perfect and get on with it!)


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