Unused Poster Shot - College Group Senior Show.

The four of us shared our Senior show, so we decided to come up with a group poster. Here's an unused image from a roll of shots taken with the self timer. I like this one, but the final images worked very nicely. That poster is in storage, but I'll get it posted here eventually.


This is it for today. After my vacation I realized there's barely more than a month till my show, and I still need to pick what photos to print, and what to have as a slide show, and  then retouch them all as needed, and make a card, and and and...

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Troublesome Creek, 1972

I was back home during a break at school, and went to check out Troublesome Creek, where I'd spent many many hours playing, swimming, fishing, iceskating, and more.

In this photo there's a new, low dam, replacing the old larger dam we used to play on and fish from. In the far upper right corner is the back of the drive in screen, where I worked for 4 years as a projectionist.



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More Ellen

 Walking to class, 1971-72 school year. We stop to take pictures.





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Edward Dowd, Democratic Candidate for Governor of Missouri, 1972.

Edward Dowd came to my college in 1972 during his campaign for governor. All the school's media was there. I photographed him for the yearbook.

Dowd was a 54 year old St. Louis lawyer and former FBI agent. He lost the election to Kit Bond, becoming the first Missouri Democrat to lose the Govenorship in 32 years.  

(thanks to the internet for this info. How'd we ever get by without it?)


He really looks like a politician. 

Put his poster enlarged on the wall behind him and you'll have Citizen Kane.



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Flowers and Bugs

I'm supposed to be working on my photo scans, getting ready for the show in October, but I've been distracted by the local flora and fauna. Here's a few samples. More photos on Facebook. (Corrected link - doesn't require faceBook login.)







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