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The photo show ended, and I sold 3 photos, and then at Christmas we flew to Arizona.

Here's some photos taken from the airplane there and back. I'll post more images from the trip once I get them edited. (Remember you can click on the photos to see them larger. These photos look better large.)

                                              Leaving Manhattan the morning of the the big snow storm.

NY to Chicago was all clouds.

We got delayed in Chicago for 30 minutes so they could de-ice the wings.


Talk about your quilted landscape. I see all kinds of images in this. There's an angel and aztec like faces.


See how the farmers have left golden coins at the feet of the mountain gods.

Here's Phoenix.

We took a side trip to Mars.

Did I sleep through the apocalypse?




Here we have ancient circuit board diagrams, etched into the landscape.

Here's a classic farm.


Finally, signs of civilization.

Chicago was nicely lit as we flew over. The tallest black building is the Sears tower. It once was the talleset building in the world. It's still the tallest in the US, but is now 5th tallest in the world.


Gee, I suddenly feel like playing monopoly. I'm going to buy lots of houses.

And back to NYC, just missing the big storm. The only delay was a 90 minute wait on the runway waiting for a gate. We thank the travel gods.

Photos from Arizona coming soon.



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