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Virtual Travel Photography

I've discovered a really fun game, where you can explore a huge world. I've brought back some photos of my travels. Here are my SNAPSHOTS FROM MINECRAFT

When I started exploring my first Minecraft world, I set off find trees to get some wood, and then I saw an interesting land formation and went to look, and I found some coal, then I realized I was lost. This photo is of the second home I'd built by digging out a cave. 

My son Kyle came to visit me in Minecraft, and he dug this underground abode for himself. He found a huge cavern that led him to some diamonds. I've only found one diamond so far.


Here's the entrance to Kyle's underground lair.


Here's an underground arena / theatre I built. The next one will be much larger, once I find the time it will take to build. 


I have fun just making shapes as I dig.


Wanna Play?


This is the back of the first mountain structure I built. Were looking North-West. Past the mountain is the spawn point.


This is the first ice I'd found. I was searching for Wolves to tame, since I'd finally gotten some skeleton bones. 


Several times I've come across huge holes that go clear through the world, but I'll come back later and the hole is gone.


Once I finally got back to the spawn point, I started building roads going North South East and West. This is looking West from the East road.

Here I am with one of the two wolves I tamed. Unfortunately both my wolves have passed on to the great wolf in the sky. I was digging a tunnel and hadn't stopped to put up any torches, so it was dark, and unseen by me, the wolf jumped in front of my pick-ax and I killed it. The other wolf fell into a lava flow.


This is my aerie in the 3rd Minecraft world I've started exploring. This one has skeletons, zombies, giant spiders and exploding creepers who come out in the dark.


It was a dark and stormy night!


When it's night time out on the world with monsters, I like to dig. Here's a stairway landing I like.


I've seen some very interesting sights in Minecraft.



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