Snow Photos

Contrary to most New Yorker's, I loved all the snow we got this year. It took me back to my childhood in Iowa when it would snow in November, and the snow wouldn't be gone until March. Here's some photos  of this winter's NYC snow. 



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Isn't Occupy Over?

I wear a 99% pin on my coat, and several times a week get asked what it means. This gives me a chance to inform someone about Income Inequality, and how the 1% have bought the government and changed the rules to their favor.

Today I was asked 'Isn't Occupy over?'.

Nope, they are still active in many ways. The News doesn't report anything but if you search online, you'll find plenty of actions happening. 

Here's some local NYC events:

Here's photos I took at small march on January 18, 2014 on the Fourth Aniversary of Citizens United.


The march started in Zuccotti Park. My friend Dan Kinch did a special Citizens United version of his play 'How To Stop the Empire While Keeping Your Day Job.'


More people spoke about the evils of Citizens United. 

Then we visited local Wall Street businesses. First up was Goldman Sachs.


Then Bank Of America, followed by Chase Bank

Then the Fed.

Then Deusche Bank, followed by Citibank

And last but not least, Federal Hall, where George Washington was sworn is as first president.

Along the way we were escorted by several policemen on foot, and 3 vans, two with 8 police each and a van to hold arrestees, should any arrests happen. None did.

Also on hand were many dumbfounded tourists and local residents, who believe the national news and thought this protesting stuff was over.


More photos from this march on Facebook.

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New York Comic Con 2013

This is one of my favorite events to photograph. This year 133,000 people showed up, with many in costume. Here are my favorite shots from the show.









These and many more phiotos from Comic Con 2013 are on Facebook

NY Comic Con 2012 photos here.

Comparison between a Con from the 80s and the 2011 con is here.


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A Good Day 2 Pie

Here's photos I took from the play 'A Good Day 2 Pie: a play about bugs, dirt, seeds and Monsanto', by Dan Kinch, performed by Kathleen Stansell. 

That's Dan above, congratulating Kathleen after the play.

Here's a link to a video of the play, captured by Robert Chin

Here's Dan's Blog, 'Move For Change and the Brooklyn Culture Jam' 

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2013 Coney Island Mermaid Parade 

This year I tried something new for the Mermaid Parade. I got a shutter extender, and with my camera on a monopod with a wide angle lens, tried getting shots from the high angle that I couldn't get in previous parades and protests. There's rarely an available ladder or high perch to see over the crowd, and I'm not that tall. (The photo above is from a pedestrian overpass by the Aquarium, but the police wouldn't let anyone stand still on it, so I grabbed a few quick shots on my way across.)

Here I am working my way through the crowd to get to the parade start.

The following image worked to show the circle of photographers around these two scantily clad girls.

The following photos show how the camera on the monopod allows be to see over the crowd, yet include them in the image.

It sorta worked as you can see in these photos, however there were many photos that, no matter how I cropped them, had no composition. Now I need a small monitor to attach to the bottom of the monopod so I can see what's in the photos I'm taking wile holding the camera over my head.

Here's more photos from the parade

It's not an NYC parade if he/she's not in it.

It's Grumpy Catfish.


Here are my photos from the 2012 Coney Island Mermaid Parade on Facebook.

Here are my photos from the 2010 Coney Island Mermaid Parade. 

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