March Against Monsanto

On May 25th, 2013, people around the world protested against Monsanto. Here are some of my photos from the New York City march.

I arrived at Union Square at noon on a misty, cloudy day to find about 100 people waiting for the march to start at 1:00. But people kept arriving till there were 2,400 there when the march started. (As the march went around Union Square I passed a marcher counting each person as they went by. Later, at Washington Square Park where the march ended, he told me he counted 2,400.)





It's nice to see all the young Guys showing up.


Here's a video of most of the march passing by, just to give you a sense of how large it was.

As usual, there was almost no media coverage. I see now that the media only reports on what they want you to know. Don't trust them. 



More photos from the march on Facebook.


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Happy Holidays!

A few years ago while driving in upstate New York, I drove by a lit up Christmas tree out in a field. About 60 miles later I found myself wishing I'd stopped to take a photo of the tree. It would have made a good holiday card, but I wasn't going to go back. Everytime I've gone back to get a photo I skipped, the scene is never the same, so I kept driving.

Then, I happened to be driving in the same area in the new year, and lo and behold the tree was still there. This time I stopped. I'm glad I did.


Happy Hoiidays!

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New York Comic Con 2012

I had a great time at this year's New York Comic Con. It was sold out, filling the Jacob Javits center with an estimated 116 thousand comic fans over four days in early October. I went Thursday afternoon, which is a great time to actually see the exhibits because it's not too crowded. Then I went back on Saturday and Sunday. They had lots of panels and events, but the one I tried to get into, with the cast from The Walking Dead talking about season 3 was full an hour before it started. No problem. I went back to finding good costumes to photograph.

I enjoy catching the fans in costume on the streets of NYC. While some of the costumes really stand out, some fit right in with the New York crowds.  Here are a few samples.

(You can click on any image to see it larger.)


Once inside the convention center, there were costumed fans scampering about in all directions. Here's the main entrance lobby on Saturday afternoon. (If you look hard you can find Waldo.)





People do still buy comics.












I'm already looking forward to next year's con.

These and many more photos from the Con on Facebook.

Here's my photos from last year's NYCC 2011


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Occupy Wall Street Guitarmy marches to Barclay's Center Brooklyn

September 27, 2012, about 40 members of Occupy Wall Street marched from Trinity Church to the new Barclay's center in Brooklyn, to tell Jay-Z exactly what OWS is all about.






These photos and more on Facebook. (This link only  work if you're logged into Facebook. They just updated the photo page and it's really buggy.)


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New Orleans Christmas Eve Bonfires

In 2011, we went to New Orleans for Christmas. A friend from there told us to be sure and see the Bonfires  that are lit all along the Mississippi river levee on Christmas Eve. We couldn't find any information about them except for boat tours that were expensive but all sold out. Then while browsing an antique store I heard the owner talking about the bonfires. We had to drive West out of New Orleans about 40 miles. We stopped, found parking and walked to the levee. Here's the photos. 

We arrived about 2 hours before sundown to find out the bonfires wouldn't be lit till 9:00pm. Here you can see them all along the levee, looking a bit like Christmas trees. The Mississippi river is on the other side of the Levee.

This shot gives you the size of these bonfires. That size would be big.

This is a test shot I took to make sure I had the exposure settings right. I'm very happy with a digital camera's ability to shoot in near dark.

The crowd has been gathering for hours. The road along the levee is packed with traffic, moving only a few miles per hour.

Someone lights their bonfire 10 minutes early.


I love he smoke in this one. 

Here's the real money shots.

Here's the busy workers, behind the scene (levee) running back and forth lighting the fireworks.

Some of the bonfires were covered with firecrackers. Here's one exploding away.

Below is a video of the firecrackers being lit. The noise was so loud.

I loved that the crowd could get right up next to the bonfires. That would never be allowed in NYC.

If I'm ever in New Orleans on a Christmas Eve again, I'm heading out the the bonfires.



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